The studio of musical composition


All works of art, electro-acoustic music, scene music, movies, or mixed music by Guy Bezançon were carried out in his private studio.

Apart from these, Guy Bezançon worked as an artistic director Pierre Guyota, the singer "Neige", Ballet Theater Joseph Russillo, Renaud-Barrault Company, Claude Morane, Laurent Terzieff, Roger Blin, Simone Benmoussa, Michaël Lonsdale, Juliet Berto, Brigitte Fontaine, Areski, Danièle Lebrun, Tournées Jacques Viel, Lucernaire Forum, Molière Theater, Jean Benguigui, Jacques Sellers, Pierre Chabert, José Valverde, Nef Diffusion Company, House of Poetry, Roland Dubillard. 

Disques SARAVAH - RCA - Sysmo Records
Cybelia- Edition 4/4 - Readymade

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About thirty works on tapes, that have been remasterized on compact discs, among which :

  • "Je, tu, ils"
    (an order placed by the French Ministry of Culture)
  • "Prologue d'Orphée"
    (Joseph Russillo Ballet-Theater))
  • "Labyrynthe seul"
  • "6ème offrande"
  • "Messe numéro 19"
  • "Psaume 150"
  • "Générateur seul"
  • "Promenade engloutie"
  • "Poême mécanique"
  • "Urantia"
  • "Tryptique chorégraphique"
  • "L'oiseau cible"
  • "Pièce chorégraphique"
  • "Parcours électronique"
  • "Pièce numéro 1 pour violon"
  • "Volte face"
  • "Dyana"
  • "Les pierres de l'église"
  • "Light sleep"
  • "Chalumeau-ciel-terre"

    Documentation and compact discs available for radios or festivals upon request



    Guy Bezançon also creates in his studio, films, videos,
    short films, documentaries, scene music,... 

    Compact disc of demonstrations upon request 

    Extract of electro-acoustic music (mp3 format) 


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