Guy Bezançon's personal organ 

L'orgue itinérant



Numerical organ with three keyboards + large pedal, 114 organ stops, 364 memories, dispersion and specialization of the sound, 10 point diffusion procedure, easily transportable organ.

This instrument, unique in France due to both its design and performances, allows one to give recitals outdoors as well as indoors, where pipe organs are unheard of (auditoriums, churches, concert halls, museums, gardens, cultural centers, cathedrals, castles, festivals...).


Orgue personnel de Guy Bezançon

Musical extracts of organ (with mp3 format) : Extract 1 - Extract 2 

For organizers of cultural events (municipalities, associations,...), the possibility of studying together any specific project for any given time, and topic. Please contact me directly

Technical documentation and compact discs of the personal and itinerant organ, on request

Organ - View 1 Organ View 2

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