Extract of a few critics 



"It appears that the contemporary music is on the down side. I have a frenetic impression that such a CD allows this type of music to come to the surface."
Paul Meunier - Télérama

"Sound images that are unheard of, the massive and vibrating clusters that are mastered with power."
J.L. Marcia - Son Magazine

"Sometimes evolving by superimposed, static and contemplative sound layers, sometimes by contrast nets, rapids, even violent, this music remains unpredictable. The climate is both varied and rich."
Didier Goret - Diapason

"THE CRAZIEST DISC, the most marvelous, the most esoteric, and the most rational... yes, all of this at the same time."
Léonor Boskopp - Votre beauté

"One of the specialists in the musical improvisation on a large organ, who uses all of the resources of both rich and eclectic musical personality"
Anne Rodet - Info du Spectacle

"A great page of improvisation that rejoins the personal experiences of the artist that is revealed in his playing"
Présence et dialogue

"As for the improvisation in which Guy Bezanšon has become master, it implies the technical overcoming, where one can almost feel the inside of the instrument."
Info du Spectacle

"A kind of incantatory ability"
Arts et métiers

"The organist's inspiration, spirituality, and musical design - that one guesses to be deliberate - are forcefully expressed... floods of life which break, a passion to play, to improvise out of the normal paths."

"A furiously personal tone. The raging music, tense, violent, contrasting, explodes in great dissonances and seizes you, cramps you and carries you into a long relentless swirl."

"Violent contrasts, long contemplation episodes, real communion between the organist and the instrument."
Régis Ammeux - L'Union

"In the open path created by Olivier Messaien, Guy Bezançon discovers new colors, new tones and creates improvisation as an initiatory trip."

"A virtuoso of the contemporary organ and electroacoustic music"
Le Matin

"An inextinguishable vitality"

"An authentic spirituality... Is it not, afterall, the irreplaceable power of the organ within a prayer at church? A trial which is worth a master's."
Claude Ollivier

"A modern organ, a voice, a weird type of composition, that energizes."
Pierre Calimé

"The magic of signs and sounds"

"Be it from the past or avant-garde, it is above all spirituality, craving for another world... A dynamic and powerful music, which does carry you on an inner path"
Liliane Larmoyer - La Vie

"Away from any stylistic school, a very large musical composition where he uses all orchestral and musical possibilities of the organ."
Femme Pratique

"A space of liberty he shares with all...áNo other work can be more captivating than his."
François Régis Barbery - Le Pèlerin

"From the first measure to the last one, his music remains unpredictable. The tempos are as varied as they are rich."

"These improvisations are amazing, somewhat incredible, sometimes unbearable, in any case, you will never feel indifferent."
Nouvelles de France

"His improvisations are firmly built and they possess the rhythmical, melodic, and harmonic continuity, which is the very essence of music. A real artist."
Le Parisien

"One of the most friendly personalities, he is both a lover of Music and Art"
Jacquline Cartier - France Soir

"... vitality of musical composition, unexpected gaps: those belong to contemporary music. It is so essential in its mineral sensuality, so pregnant in a real mystical climate, that it touches us deeply, whether we are connoisseurs or not."
Jean Vermeil - Le Pèlerin

"One is caught up in a dissonant future, twenty years beyond contemporary harmonies, you feel you are twenty years late, and he is twenty years ahead of his time, that is a total of forty years. The same is true for his paintings. There is no discussing, you simply have to sit back and absorb."
Sybille de la Ferrière - Vogue Hommes

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