Musical Creation 

In 2005 


Guy Bezançon devotes his time to the creation of music under various aspects and applications : numerous organ recitals, radio broadcasts, concerts, electroacoutic and mixed music. The latter holds an important place in his research, and in both theater and ballet music. 

The first mondial recital
"Organ and electro-acoustic music"
was played by Guy Bezançon
in Lagny's church (France) in 1967.

Guy Bezançon

His work, spiritually and religiously oriented, has always been welcomed with enthusiasm, not only in the Catholic press, but also throughout the media.
Yet, the composition and improvisation at the organ remain his favorite domain- a domain in which he has been recognized in the last few years as one of our most eminent specialists.

Improvisation is life, an outgrowth of reality. It is an impulsive writing, an abbreviation of oneās past, ideas, sensations, compositions, writings, interpretations, and things heard.
It is the base, an intensive moment of life, repository and a mirror, a direct transmission, instantaneous, and immediate.

We allow ourselves to produce, to make, to create space, the distance that allows us to be free.
The improvisation is not linked to hazard but to the correlation of the spirit, of musical form and technique. On the contrary, improvisation transcends and forces the moment lived, to attain the present, this by means of writing - direct and immediate listening, just as in the art of painting.
Searching for a beatitude in a form, both for and by the interior and spiritual emotion.

"The music we serve is intended to hold us up, and more prosaically the objects are intended to carry the music, and the instruments to serve the objects.
Guy Bezançon, in an often uncertain musical world, reminds us, as did Olivier Messaien, these elementary truths.".
Pierre Schaeffer

"While listening to Guy Bezançonsās music, we have the impression that a locomotive has started up its engine, and that the small obstacles like the fashion of the moment, taboos, the "chapels" and stylists, are swept by a strong gust, as strong as those expelled by the bellows of an organ.".
Vinko Globokar

"Guy Bezançon dives into the discovery : into a deliberately modern improvisation, with an incredible ability, he takes over the timbre, the colors of the various instrumental sounds. A creation full of of faith in respect to the organ...
One must hear Guy Bezançon as an event, a manifestation expressed at the organ, and that is much more than a witness : with complete freedom, a means to express life - ours".
Jacques Meunier - R.C.A.

"Guy Bezançon : a purist in music"
Carla Maria Tarditi, Chef d'orchestre




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