Major works


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Album 9 
February 2007 
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Discography :

- Méditation-Action (works for organ, St Etienne Dumont, Paris)
- Paramita (works for organ, Church of Blancs Manteaux, Paris)
- Périplos (mixed music)
- Yakumetsu (mixed music with an Oriental side, 9 meditations)
- Volvère (14 visions for organ and tape)
- Scènes de Don Juan (O.V. Milosz, Laurent Terzieff, ...)
- "One hour with Rainer Maria Rilke" (music) with Laurent Terzieff, Pascal Deboysson, Claude Aufaur
- Nen Zen - 9 concentrations
- The World Touch (Readymade musique - Vol.5)
- Déo Gratias - 14 stations pour choeurs, percussions et sons électroniques
- Claudel et Marie : Musique Guy Bezançon, récitant Laurent Terzieff


Cathedral of Meaux

Theater - Festivals - Recitals (extracted) 

- The stations of the cross by Paul Claudel, with France Musique (St Roch)
- Rosarium (St Roch)
- Traces and imprints (St Roch)
- 7 reliquaries for Bossuet recited by Laurent Terzieff (Cathedral of Meaux)
- Mater Magistrat (Festival of Sacred Art with Emmanuelle Riva, Church of Saint Germain des Prés)
- Claudel and Marie (France Tour)
- 7 meditations for the Pentecost (Notre-Dame de Paris)
- Paths for Organ (Sens Cathedral)
- Olympia de Paris - Charity reception for Aids
- Beauvais Cathedral (festivities for Jeanne Hachette)
- Story of "Father Kolbé" (Easter at the Saint Roch Church)
- "Volvère" (Salpétrière Chapel)
- Flâneries Musicales de Reims (2 month summer Musical Festivities in Reims)
- Written works : organ and piano, violin and piano, organ and orchestra.
- Numerous music compositions for theater plays
- Numerous vigils or liturgical actions, participation for Pentecost, Christmas and Easter masses, vigils,... ( recited by : Alain Cuny, Jean-Louis Barrault, Jean Desailly, Jean José Fleury, Laurent Terzieff, ...)
- Numerous broadcasts of recitals and interviews on radio stations. (France Musique, France Culture, peripherical radios) and on television channels (TF1, France 2 and France 3) ... 

(A total of about 250 public appearances)  



New Concept of Recitals

Organum Universalis

Looking for a "tourneur"
development Paris-Province-Etranger

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Guy Bezançon, instructions :

- Concerts (churches and cathedrals) 
- Light shows (projections accompanied by music), introduction of visual elements (projections, decorations...)
- Organ recitals (improvisations, original works, extracts of tapes, and broad topics ...)
- Recitals related to an imposed topic : festivities, liturgical actions, vigils, masses...
- Organ recitals and tapes taken from his repertory, concerts with or without narrator
- Possibility of conferences-debates, exhibitions of musical scores

- Use of a transportable numerical organ (Paris - Province - Abroad : churches without large organ, castles, shifted places, festivals, ...) 

- Many collaborations with Saravah Records 

Conception and creation of shows and recitals upon request  




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